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I help professional women eliminate digestive issues, increase their energy by 350%, and amplify their genetic blueprint

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Understanding Your Changing Body: Demystifying Health for Women 35+. Discover the essential nutrition, movement, and stress management principles crucial for lasting health. I’ll help you cut through the confusing information and personalise strategies that support your unique body, hormones, and energy levels. Gain the knowledge and tools for optimal health and vitality throughout your 30s, 40s, and beyond!


Targeted Support, Not Band-Aids. I utilise the power of herbal medicine, targeted supplements, and personalised lifestyle adjustments to address the root causes of your health challenges. Gentle, yet effective, natural solutions support your body’s innate healing mechanisms for optimal wellness.


Revitalise with Mineral Therapy. Unlock your body’s full energy potential! Through personalised testing, I’ll identify specific mineral imbalances impacting your energy levels, hormones, and overall health. Using targeted mineral therapy, we’ll work to re-balance your systems, supporting vibrant energy, optimised hormones, and enhanced overall function.


Unlocking Hidden Imbalances. Standard lab tests often miss the mark. Functional testing provides deeper insights into your unique biochemistry, revealing nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, gut dysbiosis, and other factors impacting your energy and well-being. Data-driven solutions empower you to achieve lasting results.


Reveal, Restore, Rebalance. Say goodbye to digestive discomfort and hello to lasting gut health. Using microbiome testing, we pinpoint the exact imbalances within your gut flora. This data-driven approach allows us to craft a personalised plan to rebalance your gut microbiome for optimal digestion, increased energy, and a stronger immune system.


Unlock Your Genetic Potential for Optimal Health. Combining genetic testing with personalised strategies, we’ll target cellular health, metabolic function, and longevity. My approach is to help you ‘hack’ your biology and get the most out of your body by supporting its natural strengths and addressing potential vulnerabilities. Expect a data-driven, long-term plan to achieve lasting vitality and vibrant health.

holistic health naturopath
naturopath holistic health

Elita is amazing she listens to your needs and guides you on your journey. I cannot thank her enough.

Kelsey M

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Holistic Health Foundations

Foundational Naturopathic Principles for optimal health & wellness

Reset Your Gut for Improved Health

Comprehensive personalised Gut Healing for long-term wellbeing

Total Health Transformation Protocol

Achieve Radiant Health & Limitless Vitality With this fully inclusive personalised program
naturopath gut health
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jessica clementz
jessica clementz
Elita has been amazing. She's so knowledgeable and has been so accurate when putting together a plan for me and mapping out which supplements would best suit me. I have seen an incredible improvement in everything we set to achieve since I've starting working with her 3 months ago. I would highly recommend Elita to anyone looking to upgrade their health. I'm extremely grateful for all the work she's done to ensure I achieve the results I am after and I feel like a new and improved person now.
Gabriela A
Gabriela A
Elita was absolutely amazing. We were focusing on my eating habits, gut health and clearing acne. She helped me gain awareness when it came to food and after working together for 12 weeks I've noticed massive improvements in my gut and skin health. I've started to have more energy, my vitamin/mineral levels are better and overall I feel great! Thank you Elita for your support! Highly recommend.
Kelsey Micallef
Kelsey Micallef
Elita is amazing she listens to your needs and guides you on your journey. I cannot thank her enough.
Natali Velevski
Natali Velevski
Elita was brilliant. She really helped make some necessary changes for my husbands health and has been able to bring his energy levels up, attain a much better night's sleep and was always super friendly and helpful. We highly recommend her services! Thank you ;)
Natasha Brolic
Natasha Brolic
Elita was amazing to work with. Did a very thorough consultation and helped me work through my anxiety with supplements and advice for lifestyle changes. She genuinely cared and wanted to help make a difference. She is very professional and makes you feel comfortable
I had health issues for years. My Drs did not find the core of my symptoms they just had me on medication, which were bad long term. I knew I had to do something. I searched for a naturopath. When I had my first appointment with Elita, she was very helpful and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so very much Elita.
Shaira Afrida Oyshee
Shaira Afrida Oyshee
I went to Elita not because I had a major health issue but I wanted to prevent my body from future health issues that might take place in the future. We sat down for 1.5 hours discussed tests to get done, past diseases and its impacts, family history and she suggested how to maintain my diet and made a plan in order to avoid type 2 diabetes- for me that session was absolutely priceless. Not only because I know what to follow now but also because Elita could find out what was causing what- for example stress was causing me to over indulge on carbs spiking up my insulin- so she made a plan exactly how to deal with it and only prescribed me stress reducing natural medicine from fusion. She didnt push me into buying any medicine, she only genuinely helped me and it really really shows. I consider myself very lucky because within 2 weeks of the session I could feel so much improvement in my work and energy its incredible! I wanted to wait 2 weeks before posting the review because I wanted to make sure the methods and medicines she suggested really worked. I would recommend her over and over again ✅
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson
Elita is very lovely and thorough, who takes on a wholistic approach to optimal health. She is very informative with skin conditions such as eczema.Elita is also very knowledgeable about reproductive health.
Trudi Aitken
Trudi Aitken
Elita's patient and thorough assessment and treatment of my gut and general health issues have been invaluable to my healing. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health.
Hi! My name is Elita
Naturopath & Nutritionist

I envision a world where ambitious women thrive in both their careers and their well-being. As a Naturopath and Nutritionist, I empower women to optimise their gut health, hormones, and energy, enabling them to reclaim their vibrancy and achieve their fullest potential. Through personalised nutritional guidance, targeted natural solutions, and functional testing, I help women uncover the root causes of their health challenges, empowering them to live with vibrant health, boundless energy, and unstoppable confidence.

gut health

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